Charcoal Grills Maintenance

Cleaning your Hibachi

Throughout the cooking process it’s a really good idea to keep the stainless surface clean of oil and other cooking detritus as it will bake on when left to cool. Do this with a damp heavy cloth. The hibachi gets very hot so take care not to burn yourself.

We will also be making available a really good brush for cleaning the grill between courses, particularly when marinades are used, and another bristled brush for cleaning the grill over the sink. If you buy one for a BBQ supplier, make sure it is stainless steel.

We also provide a scourer for the stainless steel. We recommend a grey scourer as opposed to the green you would normally buy. The grey scourers are available from paint stores. Green is the roughest, then purple, grey, then white.

For the grill surface I recommend a stainless steel wool which cleans quickly if it's still warm. Though I have to admit that I don’t do it until the following day as, at the end of 5-10 courses with wine, dealing with hot stuff is better left till the next day.