How to Light Binchotan Charcoal

Firing up the Hibachi

You require a chimney or fire starter. These are readily available from your local BBQ store or Bunnings, or just ask and we can include one with your order.  You will also need some chemical-free firelighters.  Again Bunnings or your local BBQ store will have them.  Don’t be tempted to start the charcoal with gas.  It is easy to do, and it gets the charcoal fired up quickly, but it defeats the purpose of using Binchotan Charcoal as the gas is a petrochemical and the charcoal is essentially pure carbon.

You should only need four firelighters which are lit one at a time, using a match to start the first and then tongs to hold the remainder over the flame.  Place them around the mesh on the base.  The charcoal is typically 150mm long and ranges from 20-40mm in diameter.  The number of pieces you put in will determine the temperature, the cooking area and the longevity of the heat.

When you are starting out, fill the chimney; you can always take some out if it's running too hot for what you are cooking. That should give you at least two hours of cooking time. Only fill to about three quarters if it is just for two people.

If more heat is required, it’s easy to add a piece to the already-burning charcoal and it will fire up quickly.  Don’t put more than a piece or two on at a time as it may generate more heat than you need. 

The heating of the bricks will also retain heat for some hours.