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Hibachi Tabo

Hibachi Tabo Commercial Large

Hibachi Tabo Commercial Large

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Comes with Yakitori Rails.

The Hibachi Tabo Commercial Large is ideal for large restaurant or catering use.

1200mm long, and fitted with a yakitori rail along the length, this large scale grill will see you through a busy service or function. 

Stainless steel allows for easy cleaning. Lined with ceramic bricks, the insulation and heat retention improves what is already a very efficient charcoal grill.  Tests have shown that it is about 30% more efficient that traditional hibachis, so your charcoal purchase goes further with Hibachi Tabo.

Add stainless mesh grills, and some yakitori skewers for a versatile, high-capacity grilling experience.

General Specifications

  • 2 mm 304 Commercial Grade stainless steel housing
  • Stainless steel handles and feet
  • Insulated, with ceramic insulation on sides and base
  • Adjustable vents each end
  • Custom brackets for mounting legs, for easy removal


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